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Blue Hole Wisdom: My Journey with the sisters

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From their traditional work in hospitals and schools, to outreach among AIDs patients in Zambia and hospices in Peru, the Sisters have garnered immense wisdom.

Their wisdom comes from decades dedicated to facing life’s greatest challenges not as passive observers, but as active agents of the change they wish to see in the world.

In this memoir of connection and common humanity, Bridget McDermott Flood reflects on the women behind the mystery and souls once veiled by habits, uncovering the wisdom, wit, and the indomitable spirits that have formed the charism of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word.

Each story centers on a theme that applies to a reader’s daily life and spiritual growth. As a touching spirituality memoir, Blue Hole Wisdom draws upon the Sisters’ humor and ability to cultivate joy in those with whom they connect to drive home the necessity of embracing their frontier charism.

Blue Hole Wisdom combines vivid storytelling with deep faith, inviting readers to consider the ways in which the Sisters can serve as touchstones for how to live out one’s vocation, to relate to others, and to follow God’s call with passion, certainty.

Flood and the Sisters discover the answers to the question,

“How are you in your heart?”

among Ch’ol communities in Chiapas, Mexico. They create spaces for creativity to flourish and foster healing among live oaks and cypress trees around the book’s namesake freshwater spring.

Praise for Blue Hole Wisdom

Her engaging style and reflective approach give the reader a window into the commitment of Catholic Sisters for justice in our time. It is a faith-filled read that brings joy and self-reflection. What a gift for these chaotic times.

Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS


[Bridget] offers compelling stories of women whose choices and commitments provide essential clues to the perennial quest for a life of meaning and joy. [The book] is a beautifully narrated account of wisdom garnered through the author’s encounter and accompaniment of remarkable Catholic sisters providing diverse and life-giving ministries at home and abroad.

Kerry Alys Robinson



Through memorably vivid storytelling, Bridget McDermott Flood lovingly pays tribute to the Incarnate Word Sisters who have long inspired her. Anyone seeking to enliven their own faith journey will surely be moved by these beautifully crafted profiles.

Elizabeth A. Donnelly


A Publishing Debut

The Incarnate Word Foundation Press was established in 2020 to publish and distribute Blue Hole Wisdom: My Journey with the Sisters, Executive Director Bridget McDermott-Flood’s first complete literary work. All proceeds from the sale of her book, as well as future publications from the IWF Press, will support the charitable work of the Incarnate Word Foundation.

Who is Bridget?

St. Louis Native Bridget McDermott Flood is an artist, writer, speaker and community leader.

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